Fin: Armond White vs. the World, Mr. Skin’s bad timing and walking out of “Blue Valentine”

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Slander this man at your own risk

Slander this man at your own risk

Armond White, now apparently full-time at National Review, last week published a somewhat unhinged rant, calling 2004 “the year the culture broke.” Among other howlers, he uses phrases like “lynch-mob excommunication” and “smear campaign” to address the notion of Mel Gibson being an anti-Semite at the time of “The Passion of the Christ,” as though the last decade hasn’t vindicated every last person who ever stated that Gibson might have a problem with the Jews. 

 White, however, is absolutely right about Michael Moore. And I’m especially enjoying the current film moment, in which neither Gibson or Moore is even slightly relevant. (National Review)

Then there’s White’s other recent piece, in which he refers to “Inglorius Basterds” as “Tarantino’s Abu Ghraib.” (National Review)

I’m not saying the timing was as bad as, say, the release of “Let’s Be Cops.” But Mr. Skin certainly could have picked a better week to introduce his “Top 150 Nude Scenes of All Time” list (Mr. Skin)

Speaking of which, CNN appears to understand “The Cloud” about a well as the producers of “Sex Tape.” Also, they think 4chan is a dude (Gawker)

This New York Times article about what makes audience members walk out of movies and plays buries a horrifying anecdote about an entire movie theater audience in College Station, Tex. fleeing for the exits… away from the cunnilingus scene in “Blue Valentine.” Man, no wonder that town was scared of Johnny Manziel (New York Times)

In good news for people in Buffalo who want to keep their football team, and to once again listen to “Living on a Prayer” in local bars with a clear conscience, Jon Bon Jovi has parted ways with the group seeking to purchase  (Pro Football Talk)

Labor Day means Patton Oswalt’s Twitter hiatus is over. He wrote a Time essay about it (Time)

Jon Stewart is the latest to steal Larry David’s “I may hate myself, but it has nothing to do with being Jewish” line (Haaretz)

Neal Pollack has written a defense of Amazon and I still can’t figure out whether it’s written “in character” or not (Slate)

11 reasons why email sucks (Gizmodo)

“76 Ways to Make Money in Digital Media” and “76 Trombones”- what are “two songs both sung by con men?” (Slate)

There are many great things about the Steven Seagal-as-Putin-apologist article, but my favorite is that Playboy’s website has finally gotten rid of mandatory pagination (Playboy)

This list of scandals that took place at Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka leaves out a relatively major one (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

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