Mad Men’s John Slattery to Join Cast of Arrested Development

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"I've made a terrible mistake."

Silver-haired ace character actor John Slattery has had a diverse career which has included playing the guy who wanted Carrie Bradshaw to pee on him, playing a deranged Tea Party type politician on a classic episode of 30 Rock, and of course his iconic role as the cynical, witty advertising account man/LSD enthusiast Roger Sterling on Mad Men.

According to an exclusive report by TV Line Slattery will soon be able to add playing a role on cult comedy series Arrested Development to his credits. Slattery will be in multiple episodes of the upcoming ten-episode season of the show, with all ten new episodes to be made available on Netflix at the same time some time next year.

According to the TV Line report, “a rep for the show” declined to comment what exactly his role on the show will be, I’m assuming because the convoluted plotting of the show means that discussing what his role will be would constitute something of a spoiler.

Slattery seems like a good fit for the show. After all, Roger Sterling is the most consistently comedic character on Mad Men, even if it’s often a very dark sort of comedy, and he was great playing a totally different type of comedic character on 30 Rock , which at the time critics were still saying was similar to Arrested Development. For me the big surprise is that Jon Hamm hasn’t been cast yet. He obviously has more fun doing comedy than any other genre, is deeply hooked in to the Los Angeles comedy scene, and is friends with a lot of the people on the show.

Arrested Development Exclusive: Mad Men’s John Slattery Joins Season 4 Cast in Top-Secret Role [TV Line]

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