Channing Tatum to Revisit High School Again in “10 Years”

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Channing Tatum has already had great success tackling the subject of returning to high school as a twentysomething in the form of his surprise hit (and surprisingly great) comedy 21 Jump Street. Now he’s going to  star in and produce a film about a ten year high school reunion. The year of Channing Tatum total world domination looks set to continue with 10 Years, an ensemble comedy to be released on September 14.

The cast of 10 Years is a who’s who of great comic actors in Tatum’s age cohort, including Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, and Justin Long, but also includes Ron Livingston, who is almost certainly closer to the age when you have your 20 year high school reunion than your 10 year, for some reason. The cast will also include Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Tatum’s real life wife whom he met as she played the lead opposite him in the first Step Up dance movie, the film that began his meteoric rise to becoming the most in-demand actor of his generation a mere six years ago.

From the trailer it looks like 10 Years will be in the vein of other films about returning to your hometown when you’re in your twenties such as Beautiful Girls and Garden State, mixed with some of the debauchery of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia high school reunion episode, but there’s also a plot where one of the guys going back to his hometown is a rock star a la Suburbia. 

The Hollywood Reporter published a good piece last month entitled “How Channing Tatum Conquered Hollywood” which explained just that. Not everyone might realize that Tatum has also been a producer or executive producer on many of his best and most popular films, including 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike. He formed a production company with respected Harvard educated producer Reid Carolin (their first feature was a documentary about Rwanda) and they have shrewdly chosen projects ever since to the point that Tatum seems poised to take the smartest “dumb looking” guy in the business mantle from Mark Wahlberg. Their smartest move undoubtedly was suggesting to their favorite director, Steven Soderbergh, a movie based on Tatum’s real life experiences as a male stripper in Florida and then choosing to self-finance that movie, Magic Mike, insuring a greater share of the film’s immense profits.

See the trailer for 10 Years below:

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