Dungeons and Dragons Documentary Looks at High and Lows of Iconic Game

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There are thousands upon thousands of fantasy-themed properties. Just check the fantasy aisle at your local bookstore. There are a handful that everyone is familiar with. Dungeons and Dragons is among the most famous. That’s partially because of its legendary status as a role-playing game, and partially because there was a publicity campaign to have it banned.

Dungeons and Dragons:A Documentary is a project that wants to tell the entire complex, at times near tragic story. It deals with the game’s humble beginnings, rise to profitability and yes, the infamy it gained as enemies called it a gateway to Satanism. The filmmakers will also delve in the sticky business of trying to determine who really invented D&D. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson get credit for co-creation, but with these endeavors it’s often hard to pinpoint who came up with what. There’s little debate that no one involved in the early days reaped the full financial rewards. TSR, the company that first published the game, went bankrupt. Wizards of the Coast picked up the game and it is still going strong for them.

Andrew Pascal, Anthony Savini, and James Sprattley are TV and film industry veterans trying to bring this story to life. After a sneak peak at gaming convention Gen Con, they launched a Kickstarter to raise funds on August 17. The plan is to shoot in feature length and HD.

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