Real Life Meth Dealer Shares Name With Breaking Bad Character

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Yes Virginia, or more accurately Alabama, there really is a Walter White. He’s a meth dealer, just like Bryan Cranston’s character on AMC’s hit drama Breaking Bad. The bizarre coincidence made national headlines last week, and the resulting publicity helped police track him down.  Alabama’s reports that White was at an inpatient treatment facility.

White was on the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department most wanted list for methamphetamine related charges.  He got arrested for trafficking methamphetamine and other related charges in 2008, and had been on probation since 2010. White got arrested for similar charges earlier this year, a probation violation. Then he missed a July court appearance.

Cranston’s character is a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a drug dealer after he’s diagnosed with cancer. It has become a career-defining role for the actor previously best known as the goofy dad on sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

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