“The Franchise” Sent to the Showers

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It usually takes a lot to cancel a reality show early. Add “dropping out of the pennant race” to the potential reasons for that to happen.

Showtime has ceased broadcasting The Franchise, its reality series about the Miami Marlins, Deadspin reported Monday. The show was dropped after the seventh episode of an eight-show commitment, and the team also declined an opportunity to extend it further.

The Marlins, who moved into a new ballpark, changed their name and added several players along with fiery manager Ozzie Guillen, have spent most of the season trading last place in the NL East with the equally disappointing Philadelphia Phillies. Even worse, the team didn’t even fail in an interesting enough way for the reality series to continue.

A similar, much higher-rated show, HBO’s Hard Knocks, is currently airing and featuring another Miami team, the NFL’s Dolphins.

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