Today in “Interstellar” news: 70mm tickets on sale and a new trailer

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The day Rust Cohle saved the world- in 70mm

The day Rust Cohle saved the world- in 70mm

There’s big news Wednesday for those eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christopher Nolan’s new film “Interstellar.”

First, Paramount announced that the film will arrive two days early for those seeing it in on film. The versions in 70mm, 70mm IMAX and 35mm film will come out on Wednesday, Nov. 5, two days prior to the general release date on Nov. 7, when the film will come out in digital formats.

Tickets are available now, at this link, for the 225 theaters nationwide which will show the film in those formats.

But in perhaps even bigger “Interstellar” news on Thursday? A new trailer, billed as the final one, which drew calls of “holy shit” from more than one website that I read:

As you can see, it deals with McConaughey, as an astronaut, needing to save the world and with it his family- or is he choosing between saving the world and his family? Whatever happens, it looks incredible- and clearly heavily influenced, visually, by “2001: A Space Odyssey.” At one point he’s even walking next to some sort of creature that looks like it has Kubrick’s monoliths for legs.

Did you order those tickets yet? 

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