‘The Office’ Spinoff Casts Dwight Schrute’s Brother

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Have you ever been watching The Office and wondered what sort of gene pool Dwight Schrute came out of? NBC certainly hopes you have.  Potential spinoff The Farm would feature Rainn Wilson’s Schrute and his siblings, who inherit a beet farm that doubles as a bed and breakfast.

Entertainment Weekly reports that College Humor standout Thomas Middleditch has signed on to play Dwight’s brother, Jeb. He’s a pot farmer who has bounced through careers including Bigfoot hunter. Majandra Delfino plays Dwight’s sister, Fannie. EW says we can expect a good old-fashioned backdoor pilot for the spinoff, introducing the setting and characters in an Office episode.

Spinoffs have given us some enduring hits, but a large number of absolute train wrecks. NBC knows this as well as any network. Cheers spunoff into the excellent Frasier, but also gave us dead-on-arrival attempt The Tortellis. Which category The Farm falls into will depend on whether viewers can accept Rainn Wilson as the lead, and not just part of the ensemble.

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