Box Office Report: “Expendables 2″ Repeats As Box Office Champ

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Here’s you box office report for the past weekend (complete with snarky commentary).

1.) “The Expendables 2,” $13.5M. What’s most surprising about the action-packed sequel is that it’s based on a series of Philip Roth short stories. Note: This may or may not be true.

2.) “The Bourne Legacy,” $9.3M. Because nothing screams summer fun like middle-aged white men having serious, detail-heavy, pointless conversations in offices. In my opinion, this is the summer’s biggest disappointment. Will be lucky to crack $100 million.

3.) “ParaNorman,” $8.6M. One movie that I really want to catch. This is why you should never go on vacation, kids. Look at what you miss when you wander outside.

4.) “The Campaign,” $7.4M. Very surprised to see “Premium Rush” didn’t make the cut. I suppose Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t at the point where he can carry a passable bike messenger/action flick on his trim shoulders. Maybe a nickname like “JoGo” or “JGL” would remedy that–and tear film fans’ souls to a million pieces.

5.) “The Dark Knight Rises,” $7.2M. Just edging out “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”

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