DC Comics Reveals Baz, an Arab-American Green Lantern

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DC Comics has confirmed months of rumors about the origins of new Green Lantern Baz. Images of the character first appeared on Free Comic Book Day in May, and readers noticed an Arabic tattoo on his arm.

Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns confirmed Baz is the first Arab-American Green Lantern. The writer, DC’s Chief Creative Officer, is Lebanese-American.

The Detroit Free Press reports John will appear at that city’s Arab-American Museum Sept. 8 to discuss the new character. The GL Universe is about to have a huge crossover event called Third Army. Baz will likely feature prominently in that event, since DC is now confirming his existence.

Green Lanterns are an interstellar police force, all equipped with a green ring that gives the bearer incredible power. The ring is limited only by the wearer’s willpower and imagination. There are GL’s all across the universe. A surprising amount come from Earth. For that matter, Baz is actually the fifth from the United States of America. It’s like they’re trying to sell Earthlings comics or something.

DC Comics restarted its entire universe in 2011. It’s taking the opportunity to create new heroes and change up some of the old ones. Alan Scott, the first DC hero to wear the Green Lantern moniker, is now an openly gay member of the Justice Society of America.

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