CW’s ‘Arrow’ Finds Its Huntress

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Australian TV star Jessica De Gouw will be a rival and potential love interest for Stephen Arnell’s Arrow. According to Entertainment Weekly, she will have a multi-episode story arc. As Helena Bertinelli, she’s the daughter of a mob boss. At night she fights evil as The Huntress. She is determined to stop her father’s criminal business, so she has a lot in common with Oliver Queen.

As part of Queen’s path to becoming Arrow, his father confesses doing some bad things en route to building the family fortune. He makes his son promise to right those wrongs. Oliver gets stranded on a deserted island where he becomes an expert archer. When he gets back to Starling City, much vigilante justice ensues.

This is actually CW’s (then the WB) second attempt to make The Huntress a big sensation. She was one of the Birds of Prey in the short-lived 2002 show. That effort used another version of the character, which is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.

The San Diego Comic-Con crowd reacted positively to the first episode of Arrow. A number of Smallville fans are upset Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow from that series didn’t get a spinoff. This really sounds like a different character than that version. He’s more grounded in reality, at least as much as a billionaire superhero stopping armies of bad guys with a bow and arrow can be. Also, this Arrow kills bad guys when necessary.

One thing that doesn’t seem to have changed is Queen’s penchant for being a ladies’ man. In addition to the Huntress, Arrow’s longtime comic book love interest Laurel Lance, will appear on the show as well. Actress Katie Cassidy, who has appeared on CW mainstays Gossip Girl and Supernatural, nabbed that role.


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