DVD Review: Zombie A-Hole (MVD Video)

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Zombie A-Hole DVD

Here’s one I couldn’t resist checking out—not just for the provocative title, but also its billing as a return to old-school, drive-in-style, grindhouse filmmaking. Well, it doesn’t live up to that meager promise (sigh).

The story is incomprehensible (um, there’s a zombie, and also his good twin, but wait, they’re the same person, but they’re not—wha?). I was lost from the first minute, which featured the first (but not last) naked girl running across the screen for no discernible reason.

Moving along, the acting is elementary-school-play level (maybe), the direction and photography are shoddy. I will say it looks like they spent the full $1,500 budget. But only that. Maybe.

I’m not totally knocking it. I admire the filmmakers’ initiative and zeal in making a movie that’s purposefully (it seems) over-the-top crazy and audaciously, in-your-face awful for the fun of being awful. They must have been trying to to make it funny … right? I certainly hope so.

I could see Zombie A-Hole catching on as a fun party video on college campuses. It can only inspire howls of delight at its gratuitous nudity, ridiculously bloody and unnecessary violence, and astounding all-around horrible-ness.

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