DVD Review: Fight The Fight

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With a name like “Fight the Fight,” it’s a pretty fair bet just what we’re in for. Especially when you get a load of the box art and some of the names on the cover.

But at any rate, our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a copy for us to review, and there are just two questions left: 1. Is it as predictable as it looks? and 2. Is it any good regardless of what the answer to #1 is?

“Fight the Fight” follows a young man named Yinggit who has decided to, finally, take his father’s advice and return home for a fresh start in life. This is seldom a bad idea in general terms, and for our young friend, who’s decided to get back into training in his father’s martial arts school, things are looking up across the board. But all that changes when he discovers that his father has authorized the sale of his school to a rival school backed by a powerful corporation. Based on what I remember from the various kung fu movies I’ve seen, that’s almost like selling your wife to your neighbor.That’s exactly why our boy is going to have to take on the rival school and win back his father’s martial arts school. The fight, however, will be much more difficult than he believes.

Like I said in the opening, there are going to be some impressive names here. Sammo Hung, for one; Sammo Hung has been a big deal on multiple continents for decades. But also arriving here are Kane Kosugi, son of Sho Kosugi, who “MST3K” fans will remember from “Master Ninja” (and potentially will even start singing the song), as well as Dennis To and Yuen Wah of “Kung Fu Hustle.” That’s a pretty big cast, especially for those who love their Chinese action.  Be forewarned that the movie’s language track is in Chinese. However, English subtitles, as well as an English language track, are available.

“Fight the Fight” will have plenty of action in it, as well as a healthy soupcon of drama and just a little extra shot of humor, which is pretty much the standard for a Chinese action film. The blending of the three genres is excellent overall, with no one overpowering any of the other. Yes, this is pretty much standard fare for Chinese action, but for those who like Chinese action, it will be a welcome dose of the familiar. That makes this something of a niche title–you have to already enjoy the field to really get anything out of that–but in the right niche, it’s some very good stuff.

Stay away from “Fight the Fight” if you’re not already interested in Chinese action, but for those who enjoy the subgenre, you’ll have a blast with it.

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