DVD Review: The Untouchables Season 4 Volume 2

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Once again it’s back to the mean streets of Chicago, as Robert Stack’s Eliot Ness once again goes forth to take on the city’s criminal enterprises, and we’re getting another great look at the whole affair thanks to our friends at CBS Video, who sent out a copy of The Untouchables Season 4 Volume 2 for us to review.

The Untouchables Season 4 Volume 2 picks up with the rest of the fourth season, sending Ness and his men, backed up by the stentorian tones of Walter Winchell as narrator, into Chicago in a bid to take out not only the illegal booze trade in Chicago, but also, the many crimes associated with it, like theft and even murder. But throughout it all, it will be Ness’ unswerving approach to law, order and justice that carries the day with it.

The second part of the fourth season proves to be every bit a match for the first part. There will be a few minor differences, some unexpected additions, and of course, a whole array of new cases. This part, for instance, not only includes a guest appearance by a very young Robert Redford, but some bizarre plots involving things like legal patent medicines, tampering, and bizarre distribution measures. Bizarre is something of the order of the day here, and it’s wildly unexpected.

For those who were afraid that The Untouchables might get a little stale the farther in it went, well, that won’t be necessary. This actually has plenty of exciting twists in its arsenal, and it’s rather exciting to see how little of the previous episodes resemble the newer stuff. I hadn’t expected this kind of variety out of a show from the late 1950s into the early 1960s, and though I’ve clearly underestimated this show, it’s pretty good stuff indeed.

The Untouchables Season 4 Volume 2 is not only an interesting bit of historical drama, it’s also  a bit of solid crime drama in general, backed up by a cast that’s even managed to get better over the second half of the season. It’s surprisingly worthwhile stuff, and should provide several hours of entertainment for the viewer.

Naturally, not every episode is going to be well worth watching–some are better than others, and there will always be room for the subjective measure in determining which episodes get the rank of better against their cohorts, but for the most part, there will be quite a bit to like here, and I’d even go so far as to say the second part of the season improved on the first half.

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