Marvel’s Venom is Moving to Philadelphia

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Venom, an anti-hero that vacillates between fighting alongside Spider-Man and trying to kill him, is leaving Marvel Manhattan. Now he’ll try to get a fresh start in Philadelphia, courtesy of writer Cullen Bunn and editor Tom Brennan. The editor is a graduate of Philly’s Drexel University.

Most of Marvel’s heroes live in the New York area, which has always led me to wonder why villains attack the Big Apple. At worst, Daredevil shows up. If it’s a slow crime day, you could face the entire Avengers team. The move allows Venom to stand out and gives Marvel a real backdrop for its fictional hero.

Venom is composed of two beings: an alien symbiote and its host. The creature first attached itself to Spider-Man, who shunned it once he realized it was taking him over. It has had a few hosts since then, often characters in Spidey’s orbit. Topher Grace portrayed the Eddie Brock version of Venom near the end of “Spider-Man 3.” Seriously, if you went for a beverage you might have missed him in that movie.

The latest host is Flash Thompson, the bully that tormented young Peter Parker in high school. The star athlete had a rough life after his high school days, including the loss of both his legs in Iraq. The symbiote allows him to walk again, and maybe he’ll figure out how to be a hero in the process.

His big move comes in Venom #28, on sale Dec. 19.

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