Dick Wolf Will Adapt British Courtroom Drama ‘Injustice’

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NBC just can’t quit Dick Wolf courtroom dramas, and who can blame them? Law & Order and its various spinoffs have been among the Peacock Network’s most reliable shows.  According to The Wrap, Wolf is now working on an American version of British series Injustice. The main character is a defense attorney who has as many secrets as his clients do. He’s also undergoing a crisis of conscience about the obviously guilty criminals he represents.

Wolf will executive produce, while David Hudgins, who co-produced Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, will write and produce. The British series, which starred James Purefoy (Revenge, Rome) as barrister William Travers, only ran for five episodes on ITV1. If there’s a man alive who can spin that into 10 seasons and four spinoffs, it is Dick Wolf. His latest show, Chicago Fire, debuts on NBC Oct. 10. He’s also working on a USA Network show about an insurance investigator.

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