‘Tobolowsky Files’ Coming to Public Radio

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One of the best podcasts in the world is headed to public radio. The Tobolowsky Files, a podcast featuring veteran character actor Stephen Tobolowsky delivering often profound and touching stories from throughout his career, will come to Public Radio International. 

The new show will debut in October on select public radio stations.

The podcast, produced and co-hosted by film writer David Chen, has been hosted by Slash Film since it began in the fall of 2009.

Tobolowsky has appeared in hundreds of TV shows and movies, and is perhaps best known for playing Ned Ryerson in “Groundhog Day.” The podcast grew out of “Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party,” a documentary film featuring the actor hosting a party and regaling his guests with anecdotes.

A book of Tobolowsky’s stories, “The Dangerous Animals Club,” comes out this fall.

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