DVD Review: Jim Gaffigan Mr. Universe

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One of the strangest comics around, Jim Gaffigan, makes his way back with a new comedy special, and our friends out at Image Entertainment sent over a copy of Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe for us to review.

Once again, Jim Gaffigan makes his…well, calling it a “triumphant” return sounds like a terrible misnomer, so let’s just call it “return” with Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe. Of course, calling Jim Gaffigan “Mr. Universe” pretty much implies that all the men under the age of 70 and under 300 pounds had somehow, inexplicably, died or disappeared, so you can see how the concept is outlandish at best. Jim presents a variety of topics over the course of 77 minutes, from the recent birth of his fourth child–and how no one really cares any more about the fourth child–to how hotel rooms bring out the worst in us.

I have to admit, I laughed, frequently, at Jim Gaffigan’s antics. It’s hard not to; maybe the jokes won’t resonate with you personally. That’s entirely possible, but pretty unlikely. Gaffigan’s topics run so broad a gamut that it’s hard not to find something. Been to Disney? McDonald’s? A hotel room? Chances are, something’s going to hit here, and hit pretty hard. It’s pretty clear why this is not Gaffigan’s first comedy special.

Gaffigan has a distinct talent for referring to earlier portions of the special and bringing them back up in subsequent jokes, and nowhere is this clearer than in the hotel bit. I won’t spoiler it for you, but just keep an eye out for the concept of asking other people about what room they’re staying in.

Time goes by just blisteringly fast on this one, because in all honesty, I haven’t laughed this much with a DVD in quite some time. Seriously, it’s 77 minutes of surprisingly effective comedy; Gaffigan is in rare form on this one, almost disturbingly rare form, and at least for me, many of these jokes hit with entirely too much effect. Naturally, your own mileage on this one will likely vary, but I can say that I laughed myself stupid.

I suggest renting a copy of Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe first, just to be sure that you’ll have the same kind of experience I did, but frankly, I can recommend this one wholeheartedly. It’s hard for me not to recommend it by simple virtue of the fact that I spent so much time laughing at this one. This is the only real measure by which a comedy special DVD can be measured, and in this case, it succeeded. It succeeded on an elemental level, and is well worth throwing 77 minutes and whatever the rental cost is to check this one out.

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