CW Working On New Wonder Woman TV Project

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Could the same network that brought us Smallville be working on Paradise Island? The CW Network had a smash hit with the tale of Superman’s formative years and will bring Arrow to the air this fall. Vulture is reporting that CW will apply that same style to the Wonder Woman origin story.

NBC’s attempt to bring Wonder Woman back to TV didn’t make it past the pilot stage in 2011. The 1970s Wonder Woman show was incredibly campy, but also a big hit.  It turned star Lynda Carter into a pinup sensation. Every actress even rumored to be putting on that costume draws an inevitable comparison to Carter. She still appears on numerous lists of the sexiest characters in TV history.

Smallville had some of the same issues, as every Superman is compared to Christopher Reeve’s beloved take. It got around them by focusing on Clark Kent’s journey and sticking to a rule of no capes or tights. A young Wonder Woman wouldn’t necessarily need to wear bullet-deflecting bracelets, carry a magic lasso or wear a star-spangled bustier. So expect her to still fight for our rights, just not wear satin tights while doing so.

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