MTV to Relaunch “House of Style,” Names Predictably Hot Hosts

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A staple of MTV’s 1990’s programming, the fashion show House of Style is coming back as a Web series. The premiere is slated for October 9th.

What was notable about “HOS”–at least from my heterosexual, non-fashion caring standpoint–were the hosts. The show introduced Cindy Crawford to the masses. When she left, Rebecca Romijin and Molly Sims took over. The original show ran for 11 seasons.

Continuing this fine tradition, models Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls will serve as co-hosts of the biweekly series which, reports EW’s PopStyle, will live on MTV Style. PopStyle also has an interview with the pair, who seem pleasant enough.

But there’s a quote from Kloss that made my blood run cold:

She [Crawford] had never done hosting before and neither have Joan and I. This is new territory for us. And what’s unique about this is that we can be ourselves. We don’t have to memorize lines, we don’t have to play a character.

Neither should consider Crawford inspiration; she had all the personality of a brown shoe. And not some Charles David number. The kind of brown shoe your grandfather wore to his totally glamorous factory job.

Still, I wish these young ladies luck, and a meeting with Rene Russo, whose advice I’m sure would be far more helpful than Crawford’s.

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