“American Sniper” IS Hollywood, cont’d

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Now, that's a great Fox News face

Now, that’s a great Fox News face

When “American Sniper” was released and quickly became a box office hit and cultural phenomenon, the narrative from the political right was that finally, a patriotic movie about “real” America was at the forefront, as opposed to all the usual lefty garbage spouted from Hollywood. This especially resonated after a grand total of two Hollywood figures (Michael Moore and Seth Rogen) made muted criticisms of the film.

I jumped all over this narrative a month ago, pointing out that not only is “American Sniper” not as unambiguously right-wing as either its supporters or detractors think, but contrasting the film with “Hollywood” was ridiculous, simply because “American Sniper” IS Hollywood. It was made inside the Hollywood studio system, directed by a Hollywood mainstay, starring and produced by a major Hollywood star, and honored with six Oscar nominations, including for Best Picture. By Hollywood.

We had another round of these stories, when the Academy had the temerity to only award ‘Sniper’ with one Oscar, which is now a “snub.” Because, just as with “Selma,” “snub” has now been redefined as “six nominations and one win.”

But don’t take my word for it. Jon Stewart says so too, starting at the seven-minute mark here:

It’s good to know that the people who hate Hollywood, the Oscars and everything they stand for have such a strong opinion about who their enemies choose to honor.

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