NBC Universal Wants to Give G4 A Makeover

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Cable network G4 has been in an identity crisis for much of its decade on the air. It merged with TechTV in 2004, and attempted to become the go-to network for video games and game-related culture. One by one the game-related shows dropped off, leaving only TechTV holdover X-Play and pop culture talker Attack of the Show.

According to Variety,  NBC Universal is targeting a rebranding for G4 that could begin in early 2013. It would apparently be “more sophisicated” while still being true to its tech roots. G4, or whatever its name will be in 2013, faces stiff competition. Spike has been touting itself as “men’s television” for a while with some success. It has also begun coverage of events such as the Electronics Entertainment Expo, going right after the viewers who may be put off by G4’s attempts to rebrand.

There’s also still the matter of ESPN and its offshoots. They’ve never bothered to bill themselves as television for men, but their programming speaks to the young male demographic without any marketing ploys. ESPN is also available through the Xbox Live dashboard.

The war for the soul and spending dollar of men aged 18-34 is on, and G4 appears ready to change its ammunition.

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