DVD Review: Sinners And Saints

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Another prime slice of crime drama comes our way from the folks out at Anchor Bay, who sent over a copy of “Sinners And Saints” for us to review. This one’s going to be a lot different than anything you might be expecting, and that’s some very good news.

“Sinners And Saints” takes us down to New Orleans, where police detective Sean Riley finds himself neck deep in an investigation involving a string of murders, many of which are downright frightening in their sheer brutality. An unexpected clue leads him to an old friend who’s seen better days, but that’s only the start of it. Local thugs, an international mercenary outfit, and a conspiracy going deeper–and farther–than Riley ever expected will take him down very unexpected roads to a very unexpected conclusion.

It’s somewhat strange to hear a movie talking about Hurricane Katrina in anything but the most general terms, but that’s the kind of thing we’ll get in “Sinners And Saints.” Thankfully it’s rather brief, and we’ll be back in the middle of a thriller that’s actually pretty good. When it comes to this sort of thing, sure, the local gangs part is the kind of thing that has been seen in dozens of films before now, but the overall scope of the movie is actually a lot larger than you might expect, and certainly larger than is generally seen.

I have seen a lot of titles come out of Anchor Bay, and for the most part, they’re very good. I count on Anchor Bay, thanks to several years of quality releases. This is another fine example of what Anchor Bay can put out when they’re sufficiently inclined, and this time, they were clearly sufficiently inclined. This movie positively crackles with action, and the storyline is almost disturbingly complex. Performances were universally believable, with solid roles all around. The ending was an unalloyed delight and a perfect expression of sheer poetic justice. It’s all very well put together, overall.

Frankly, “Sinners And Saints” was a fine piece of action thriller. It’s hard to say much more than that about this one, but rest assured, if you’re into crime dramas, especially crime dramas with a lot of action and gunplay, then you ought to love this one. It’s entirely too good to pass up, so be sure to give it a look when you spot it in stores or on your various online rental queues.

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