Ben Folds Five Debuts First New Song in 13 Years

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Ben Folds Five, the alliteration-happy jazz-rock trio, will release their new album, “The Sound of the Life of the Mind,” on Sept. 18. Until then, you can listen to the title track on Fuse’s Website.

The band disbanded in 2000 after three albums, one hit (the somber “Brick,” about Folds’s then-girlfriend’s abortion), and tons of critical raves. Folds, a tremendous songwriter who details suburban crises–break ups, fitting in, racist uncles, etc.–with wit and insight, has had a pretty successful solo career.

But it just wasn’t the same without Darren Jessee’s energetic drumming and Robert Sledge’s flawless bass work. I’m thrilled they’re together making new music.

Ben Folds Five will tour until early December. The festivities begin this Thursday in Hoyloke, Mass. Click here to see where they’re playing.

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