In praise of John Oliver’s voiceover guy, David Kaye

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Voiceover talent David Kaye

Voiceover talent David Kaye

The IMDB page for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver lists just two main cast members: Oliver himself, and David Kaye, credited as “voice over cast.”

Kaye is a veteran voiceover talent, with hundreds of credits across cartoons, movies, TV commercials, video games and political spots. You may not know his name, but he absolutely brings it every week on Oliver’s show, and has been one of the best parts of the show since it launched last spring.

The key to Kaye’s work on Last Week Tonight is that it sounds like he’s a serious “news guy” voice, only he’ll drop in an occasional curse word or other incongruous phrase. There’s something about the way it plays against Oliver’s British accent that’s just comedy gold every time.

Take the “How is this Still a Thing?” segment, like last week’s about Daylight Savings:

Then there was the time he talked over Mitch McConnell’s penis but no, I’m not going to show that clip.

Kaye’s work on Oliver’s show is so unheralded that it’s not even mentioned on his Wikipedia page. But Kaye’s active Twitter account frequently mentions his contributions:

I don’t know much HBO is paying Kaye for his work on Oliver, but a memo: Pay him more.

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