On the origins of “Large Adult Sons”

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When it comes to memes related to the nascent 2016 presidential race, without a doubt the most entertaining is “large adult sons.”

What’s the story with it? In short, former Arkansas Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee… has a pair of large adult sons. Twitter user Julius Irvington gets credit for noticing first, back in January:

Meanwhile, Philadelphia-based Twitter superstar @FanSince09 has done much to popularize the meme:

I’m not exactly sure what’s so hilarious about the phrase, “large adult sons,” but it just has a funny ring to it- and Twitter’s been all over it in the months since. If nothing else, it gives an added chuckle to any news related to Huckabee, just as that Dan Savage neologism does the same to Rick Santorum:

It’s not only Twitter; one of the sons, David Huckabee, has a much-revised Wikipedia page that at one point said this:

A past version of the David Huckabee Wikipedia page

A past version of the David Huckabee Wikipedia page

And Vine, too:

Is this a bunch of silliness? Of course it is. But whatever gets you through the presidential campaign, I suppose…

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