Obama, O’Reilly to Debate on Live Stream

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In the latest challenge utilizing unique new distribution models for comedy on the Internet, The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly will debate one another next month- on a live stream for $4.95.

 The debate, known as “The Rumble 2012,” will take place at the George Washington University in Washington on Saturday, Oct. 6, just three days after Barack Obama and Mitt Romney square off in the first presidential debate. According to the event’s website, the event “will take an entertaining and comedic approach to today’s pressing political issues in an attempt to find the best direction for America.”

“The Rumble” will follow a similar distribution model to Louis CK’s wildly successful “Live at the Beacon Theater” special last year, which since been replicated by such comics as Aziz Ansari and Rob Delaney- although this time, the stream will be live, something that’s traditionally been tried with concerts but not with comedy.

Will it work? Who knows. Stewart and O’Reilly’s styles are wildly different, as one is a comedian and the other famously has not much of a sense of humor about himself. And every time O’Reilly has gone on Stephen Colbert’s show, it’s been a huge disappointment. And will viewers pay money to see two entertainers who are on TV four or five days a week for free?

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