‘Revolution’ Premieres Strong for NBC

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NBC’s new J.J. Abrams drama Revolution pulled in 11.7 million viewers, the network’s biggest drama premiere since 2007’s Bionic Woman reboot. NBC obviously hopes this one turns out a little better. The second hour of the thriller’s ratings dipped from a 4.4 to 3.8 overall rating, so it didn’t hold everyone’s interest. Next week will be a big test as the crime procedurals attack. New episodes of CBS’ Hawaii Five-O and ABC’s Castle hit.

Abrams’ latest production starts with the loss of all electrical power on Earth. The show chronicles society’s struggle to survive without the tech we’re all dependent on. It teases the mystery that somebody knows why the power’s out, and might be able to fix it.

The aforementioned Bionic Woman reminds us a big start doesn’t necessarily mean a long run. Abrams last sci-fi themed drama, Alcatraz, had a strong beginning thanks to aggressive promotion during the NFL playoffs on Fox. After established hit reality shows The Voice and Dancing With the Stars began, much of Alcatraz’s audience left and never returned.

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