Popcorn in Your Browser is dead after just a couple of days

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Popcorn in Your Browser, RIP

Popcorn in Your Browser, RIP

There’s a reason why movie piracy hasn’t been either as widespread or disruptive as piracy in such areas as music or even pornography: Doing it is hard, and time-consuming, and not everyone knows how to do it. Popcorn Time has been talked up as a legitimate challenger, but it still hasn’t gained anything resembling the ubiquity of, say, Napster back in 1999.

Popcorn in Your Browser, a movie streaming site that brought a Popcorn Time-like interface, brought that to the web browser for the first time. Had it succeeded and lasted, it could have really put a dent in Netflix and other streaming services, if not Hollywood itself. At least, until the lawsuits started.

However, Popcorn in Your Browser ended up enjoying a lifespan of about three days. This message is now posted to the site:

Popcorn in Your Browser is no more. It relied on the free trial of remote torrenting service, which I used to stream YIFY torrents to an HTML5 video tag. This site went viral and seems to have completely overwhelmed Coinado’s servers, who in turn promptly discontinued the free trial. :-) It was fun while it lasted – cheers!

So farewell, Popcorn in Your Browser- until the next version of the same thing, that is.

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