Norm McDonald to Voice Act in “Vampire Dog,” a Children’s Film that Looks Like a Parody of a Children’s Film

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This whole thing seems like some sort of elaborate joke, but apparently Norm McDonald really is going to star (as a voice actor) in something called Vampire Dog. The trailer for this movie really has to be seen to be believed. It looks more like a parody of a trailer for a really bad children’s movie from some weird sketch comedy show, but apparently it’s real.

The trailer hits all the cliché beats for a children’s story-a kid sad because he has to move to a new school, fart jokes, getting hit in the groin jokes, a talking animal, poop jokes-but what makes the whole thing so surreal is McDonald’s trademark bored, disengaged line readings as the titular vampire dog. It’s like he’s exploring some whole new level of anti-comedy here. Besides that, it’s a noticeably low rent, Canadian production which doesn’t have a single other remotely recognizable actor in it besides McDonald. Watch the almost unbelievable trailer, which I’m still not totally convinced isn’t some sort of meta-textual joke, below:

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