DVD Review: The Streets of San Francisco Season 4 Volume 2

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Ready for another trip out onto the mean streets of San Francisco? Well, lucky you, because that’s just what we’re getting thanks to our friends out at CBS Films who sent over a copy of The Streets of San Francisco Season 4 Volume 2 for us to review, and our bold detectives will be picking it up just where they left off.

The Streets of San Francisco Season 4 Volume 2 once again joins us with a pair of detectives in San Francisco’s homicide division, Mike Stone, a grizzled veteran, and the other, Steve Keller, a sharp young up-and-comer. The duo will find themselves neck deep in a variety of mysteries plaguing San Francisco, most of them involving murder in one way or another, but not all of them only involving murder. In fact, this time around, we’ll get everything from murderous vigilantes to murderous industrial spies to a bizarre tale of a clown in the midst of a circus of murder.

Again, the two leads–Karl Malden and Michael Douglas–will do a fine job here, putting on a solid presentation overall. Half the fun is spotting the occasional guest stars and cameos and the like; fairly major names like Leslie Nielsen and Tom Selleck have wandered through these particular scenes, and you might well have a moment or two like I did, one of those “Hey is that” moments that are always kind of fun.

The plotlines on this particular part of season four, meanwhile, seem to be a bit more complex than the previous versions. Unusual, too–some of these storylines feature things that I can’t remember seeing done anywhere else, and frankly, that means a lot, especially given the nature of this series. This series was part of a lot of cliches, mostly because it was filmed in the early seventies.  So to see them not only generate story elements that would be cliches, but also generate story elements with a note of originality besides, well, that elevates this into the realm of the oddly compelling. The remastering is also impressively done, and both sound and video quality are impeccable.

When a television series from the late sixties, early seventies, can offer an experience like that, well…it’s hard to pass it up. That’s why it’s going to be a good idea to look up The Streets of San Francisco Season 4 Volume 2. Naturally, it’s a good idea to start from the beginning where possible, but still; this is a downright treat, and an unexpected treat at that. Unexpected treats these days, well, that’s abundantly welcome.

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