New Order has a new album coming out, but don’t call this a comeback, or a reunion

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There were the vanguard of the post-punk movement, a band so nervy and inventive that many believed they would become the “next big thing.” But success came with a price for the members of Joy Division, and when lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself on the cusp of their superstardom, remaining members Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, and Stephen Morris were left without a leader. Deciding to carry on, they teamed up with keyboardist Gillian Gilbert to form New Order. That was in 1980. Now, some 35 years later, the band is still going strong, and are preparing to release their 11th studio album, Music Complete, to eager fans everywhere.

Here’s a 30-second taste of the new LP:

Sounds like New Order, just more modern and dance oriented. Of course, this release will not be the complete reunion devotees want. Bassist Peter Hook left the group in 2007 in what many consider to be one of the most acrimonious splits in all of music. During a radio interview, he made an offhanded comment that the band had split – which was news to the other members. A few angry interviews and a wealth of “what happened was” from columnists, agents, managers, autobiographies and memoirs and Hook is still AWOL. Luckily, Gilbert returned to the fold after a near 10 year hiatus, so New Order-ites have that to hold on to.

Of course, purists will always complain when a legendary band (Van Halen, Journey, Styx) keeps cranking out the material without maintaining their original line-up. Curtis’ death means there can never be a proper Joy Division reunion, but the whole Hook/Order thing seems like bitter resentment mixed with a whole lot of ego. He tours on his own, and is currently working with other artists and solo, so at least he’s still making music. As for the rest of New Order, we will get to hear Music Complete when it’s released on Sept. 25th.

Source: The Verge

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