Syfy’s Upfront Had Actual Science Fiction In It

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Syfy has taken a lot of heat in recent seasons for movies such as Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, airing wrestling and yes, changing its name to Syfy. The channel held its upfront presentation April 24 and displayed a large number of actual science fiction shows.

Now sci-fi shows are more expensive to produce, so some of these ideas may never get past that stage. Viewers who have longed for the channel to be a network of actual sci-fi have reason to hope, however. Here’s some of the things that sound most promising:

Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels helped HBO mine the current wave of vampire mania with True Blood. TV networks are battling each other Hunger Games-style over her work now. Syfy is working on Grave Sight, which tells the story of Harper Connelly. She gets struck by lightning allowing her to sense the memories and locations of dead people.

Eyes of the Dragon is a fantasy-themed Stephen King bestseller. It features the death of a king, a battle for succession and a brave prince fighting an evil wizard for the fate of the land’s people. Close your eyes and you can probably see the TV executive somewhere praying, “Please be like Game of Thrones, please be like Game of Thrones…”

DC Entertainment is helping produce a currently untitled show about Booster Gold. Unless you are a longtime comic buff or religious watcher of Smallville, you have likely never heard of this hero. That’s OK, obscurity is kind of his thing. After failing to become a world famous athlete, Michael Jon Carter travels back in time to become a world famous superhero. He uses futuristic technology and knowledge of history that hasn’t happened yet to save the day. Booster also tries to turn a profit at every possible opportunity.

Perhaps the most ambitious project Syfy showed to critics is Defiance, a partnership with a Trion Worlds MMO. Apparently events in the video game will affect the TV show’s environment and vice versa. It’s set on Earth after an alien war, most of the action taking place in a rebuilt St. Louis. Graham Greene, nominated for an Oscar thanks to Dances with Wolves, and Julie Benz of Angel and Dexter fame are among the stars.

Other projects announced include a show based on the Matt Damon film The Adjustment Bureau and Defender, a space tale from Robert Hewitt Wolfe, writer on Andromeda and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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