Mike Love Performing Hostile Takeover of the Beach Boys

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The sad, conflict-filled saga of the legendary Beach Boys has hit choppy waters again. Frontman Mike Love is firing David Marks, Al Jardine and Brian Wilson after the band’s 50th Reunion tour finishes. Love licensed the name Beach Boys, so the others won’t be able to perform under that title. Love and Bruce Johnston plan to continue touring without the other members.

The plan to perform with some people called the Beach Boys has already hit one snag.  Texas venue Nutty Jerry’s cancelled a scheduled October performance when it found out how few actual Beach Boys were coming. Wilson told CNN the move blindsided him. Wilson still hasn’t gotten an explanation from Love that satisfies him, or the group’s millions of fans.

Earlier this year they reunited to perform at the Grammys, then did the reunion tour. Wilson was among many who hoped the Beach Boys’ troubles were behind them. Then this happened. A September 28 concert at London’s Wembley Stadium could be the last time the regular Beach Boys lineup performs for a while. Supporters of the group have started an online petition in the hopes of resolving this mess.

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