Captain America Gets a New Title – United States President

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Marvel Comics hero Captain America has become the Star Spangled Man with a plan – for rebuilding his country.  After battling enemies ranging from Adolf Hitler to Doctor Doom, Cap finds himself on the ballot as a write-in candidate. Though he didn’t seek the office, he agrees to serve because the American people ask him to.

“I once risked everything to answer a call,” Captain America says as he takes office. “I realize now I can do more to serve my country.”

Marvel’s Ultimate line is different than the company’s mainstream universe, with a less convoluted history. Thus the universe can take some big storyline chances. In that line of books, America is seriously fragmented and states are leaving the union. Marvel’s writers realize this is a different direction for the character, one they need to handle delicately. Ultimates writer Sam Humphries told IGN Cap has been around since 1941, and there has been more than one discussion about making him president. There were compelling reasons no writer had done it yet.

As a write-in candidate, he isn’t affiliated with any political party. That was a must, because alienating either party could cost readers. That’s the complete opposite of what Marvel wants to do here. Also, Captain America won’t be spending his days behind a desk. Immediately after taking office, the superhero boards a plane to start work.

“America is my White House,” he explains.

While the Avenger won’t be big on budget meetings, Humphries promises he’ll learn that he can’t solve all his problems with the business end of a mighty shield.

Captain America isn’t the first comic book character to become leader of the free world. DC Comics had supervillain Lex Luthor elected to the office. Even after pulling off such a magnificent con job, he can’t resist his evil ways and eventually gets impeached.

Cap takes office in The Ultimates #16, on sale September 26.

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