Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray is Coming, With a Batman Cowl

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All good things must end, but they do not all come packaged with a really cool Batman mask. “The Dark Knight Rises” comes to Blu-ray, DVD and digital download Dec. 4, according to Entertainment Weekly.

A special limited edition comes with a replica of Batman’s cowl. The Christian Bale Bat voice is not included, so you will have to practice growling in your own home. The Blu-Ray combo pack includes a documentary about the Batmobile, “Ending the Knight,” which takes us behind the scenes of the movie, and a featurette “The Journey of Bruce Wayne.” That featurette also appears in the DVD package. The recommended price for the Blu-Ray combo is $35.99, while the Bat Cowl Limited Edition is $39.99.

Christopher Nolan’s films took a Batman severely damaged by his last several movie attempts and made him cool again. They were as grounded in reality as movies about a grown man who dresses like a bat, and the criminals who are scared of him, can be. There was no gas that left grins on people’s faces, or armies of penguins with rocket launchers attached.

The final film in Nolan’s trilogy adds Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman to the mix, as well as Tom Hardy’s Bane. The musclebound bad guy isn’t content to kill Batman, he wants to make him suffer in the process.

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