Box Office Report: “Hotel Transylvania” Kicks Out Competition

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Hotel Transylvania

Here’s your box office report for the past weekend (complete with snarky commentary):

 1.) “Hotel Transylvania,” $43M. This will probably serve as encouragement for more animated features from Adam Sandler and company, especially since his last batch of comedies (“Jack and Jill,” “That’s My Boy”) have not done well.
Also, this is amazing to me: “End of Watch,” last week’s number one, fell out of the top 10.
2.) “Looper,” $21.2M. I’m just happy Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have found their way to the mainstream.
3.) “Trouble with the Curve,” $7.5M. If your review of this movie features a baseball simile or metaphor, you’re no friend of mine.
4.) “House at the End of the Street,” $7.2M.  Jennifer Lawrence’s “Sleeping with the Enemy” and Elisabeth Shue’s career highlight since…”The Saint”? “The Trigger Effect”? “Hollow Man”?
5.) “Pitch Perfect,” $5.2M. I guess people would rather watch “Glee” for free.
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