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Bet you think this song isn’t about you- don’t you? Don’t you?

The director of “Looper” solves ten of the movie’s mysteries (Slashfilm)

Taylor Swift takes umbrage at the notion that her new song is about John Mayer. She should consider writing a song about how he thinks the song is about him, and then spend decades refusing to reveal who it’s really about (Vulture)

An amusing Twitter feed: “Fake Louie Episodes” (Twitter)

Mumford and Sons: the Pinterest of indie rock? (First Things)

GWAR covers Kansas’ “Carry On, My Wayward Son” (AV Club)

An in-depth look at Louie (L.A. Review of Books)

The theory that Harry Potter imagined Hogwarts (Cracked)

The latest Breaking Bad mashup teams Walt and Jesse with Calvin and Hobbes (Vulture)

All the drinks from Mad Men (AV Club)

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