Cult Hit Pushing Daisies Could Come to Broadway

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Pushing Daisies, which could be headed to Broadway

Quirky ABC show Pushing Daisies chronicled the adventures of a piemaker who could bring dead people back to life with his touch. It found a small but dedicated audience that ultimately wasn’t enough to stave off cancellation. In an interview with MTV Geek, Pushing Daisies alum Ellen Greene teased the possibility that the show could come back as a Broadway play.

In addition to her turn as Vivian Charles on Daisies, Greene played Audrey, the flower shop attendant in Broadway’s Little Shop of Horrors.  She reprised the role in the feature film based on the play. It’s now coming out on Blu-Ray, so a whole new generation can learn the lyrics to “Suddenly Seymour.”

There’s nothing concrete about the Pushing Daisies play, but at least people are talking. Greene is keeping quite busy, as she will appear in NBC’s upcoming Hannibal TV show.

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