Blu-ray Review: Iron Sky

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Oh my, folks, I couldn’t be much happier to be bringing you this one than I am right now. See, I’ve been dying to catch “Iron Sky” since I first saw the trailer, which must have been somewhere around a year, a year and a half ago. And now, our friends out at Entertainment One have sent over a copy for us to review.

“Iron Sky” takes the somewhat unexpected–and downright unlikely–twist of developing a secret Nazi space program toward the end of World War II.

The Nazis, pretty much seeing the handwriting on the bunker following the death of Adolf Hitler, have just packed up their lederhosen and their various swastika-covered everything and, in the grandest “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ tradition, shot it all into space. They’ve set up shop in the one place that no one’s particularly likely to spot them: the dark side of the moon.

At least, no one was likely to until an American astronaut finds the whole works just kind of sitting there in wait. Now, the Nazis are staging a comeback, complete with 70 years of weapons technology advancement, preposterous spaceships that look just a little steampunk, and a chip on their shoulder the size of, well, the dark side of the moon. Can America once again stand up to the German horde? Or will the Third Reich’s second try–now the Fourth Reich–be the charm?

Part science fiction romp, part comedy–which was a huge surprise in its own right–“Iron Sky” is the kind of thing that you simply don’t see very often. Granted, there were some Asylum entries and similar small-scale releases to make it out before these, but compared to this they look even sadder than usual. This is an almost disturbingly ambitious, from the sheer scope of the plan to the little touches like the Sarah Palin-analogue in the White House and the delightful “Downfall” shout-out (“Downfall” is the movie from which all the “Hitler Finds Out…” videos were made), “Iron Sky” is a surprisingly comic and surprisingly potent shot of science fiction action all in one convenient package.

Frankly, “Iron Sky” was worth the wait. A brilliant, beautiful blend of comic timing and sharp action, heavy on the science fiction with just a soupcon of steampunk makes this one a terrific piece of work. Shades of “Independence Day” make this just a little bit familiar, but still with plenty of excitement and laughs to go around. The ending may be just a bit on the weak side, a little bit predictable,and kind of a downer besides,  but given what fun we had getting here, well, a bit of a weak ending can be forgiven.

“Iron Sky” is a fantastic movie, up until about the last five minutes or so, but a small misstep in an otherwise spectacular title is scarcely worth noticing. It’s still some great work, and should be plenty of fun for action, science fiction, and comedy buffs alike.

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