First Presidential Debate Makes Big Bird a Campaign Issue

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A Facebook meme of unknown origin

Even left leaning news outlets such as MSNBC are crediting Mitt Romney with a win in Wednesday’s presidential debate. Romney worked overtime to combat the perception that he’s cold-hearted.  He was doing just that, until he mentioned cutting federal subsidies to PBS.

“I’m sorry Jim. I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m gonna stop other things,” Romney said. “I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you too,” the Republican candidate said. Debate moderator Jim Lehrer works for PBS.

That is how a meme is born. Within moments, Fired Big Bird had opened a Twitter account that was picking up 1,000 followers per minute.  Big Bird was generating 17,000 Tweets per minute. Facebook became filled with pictures of Big Bird surrounded by police tape or protesting his “firing.” There’s also a Facebook page in which Big Bird has announced his candidacy for president.

If we learned anything after the debate, it’s that public opinion still favors Big Bird. This social media explosion was brought to you by the letters A, Q and the number 3.

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