DVD Review: Dead Season

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With Halloween rapidly approaching, and the dark days of winter ahead for North America, it’s prime time for horror movies, and Image Entertainment is no exception. In fact, they sent out a copy of “Dead Season” for us to review, and for zombies on a tropical island, well, it’s not going to get much better than this.

“Dead Season” attempts to answer the question asked by both versions of “Dawn of the Dead”: why not go to an island to wait out the zombie apocalypse? And in this case, the answer is fairly straightforward. Two survivors set out for the sunny shores of an island paradise, but what they find when they get there doesn’t seem so much different from what they left.

Not only will there be zombies waiting for them, but there will also be an entrenched force of humans who don’t much like the thought of sharing their sanctuary with more humans. So the duo will have to fend off a host of monsters of all life statuses in order to survive and hopefully thrive in their newfound home.

For those thinking that “Dead Season” bears more than a little resemblance to last year’s game release of Dead Island, well, you’re not alone on that front as there’s plenty of Banoi in here, without the luxury hotel. But “Dead Season” does take things a little farther. While most zombie apocalypse movies focus on the zombie side of the equation, “Dead Season” goes to the apocalypse side, showing other effects that aren’t commonly part of the equation, like fruit rotten on the vine and fish poisoned by the radiation that caused the zombies to emerge in the first place.

Of course, it’s not entirely original; there are shades of “Day of the Dead” here also, and they’re not exactly welcome. It’s odd that “Dead Season” features comparatively few zombies overall, but at the same time, it makes quite a bit of sense, as this is clearly geared toward the life after the apocalypse,  in which most standards of morality and ethics are shot out the window, handed over to baser instincts. There are some great action scenes here, and there will be some great sequences with zombies, so it could be much, much worse. As zombie movies go, this is pretty good stuff. It’s solidly put together, a reasonably well-done effort. Dead Season will even go so far as to ask questions that generally aren’t found in zombie movies, and that brings a breath of fresh air into the proceedings that won’t go unnoticed, or unwelcome.

Dead Season should put a nice spark into your horror movie fun this season, so strap in and enjoy.


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