Costner NFL Draft Film Eyes League Approval

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Kevin Costner may be nearly 60 years old, but that doesn’t mean his days of starring in sports movies are over.

According to Vulture the star of “Field of Dreams” and “Bull Durham” is eying a film project called “Draft Day,” in which Costner would play the general manager of the Buffalo Bills. The movie follows Costner’s character attempting a series of trades in order to improve his team. Ivan Reitman is slated to direct the film.

The NFL, the report said, is considering giving permission to the production to use the league’s name and logos, a courtesy which is not often granted. The league may also take a financial stake in the movie.

Held each April, the NFL Draft has drawn huge television ratings in recent years, but aside from one sequence in “Jerry Maguire,” it has never been the subject of a feature film.

Another “Bull Durham” alum- director Ron Shelton- is the writer of another potential NFL film, called “Week 14″; that project’s status is unknown.

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