Frank Caliendo to Make ESPN NFL Pre-Game Show More Insufferable

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Frank Caliendo

In a move that proves network execs think football fans crave second-rate comedy skits, master impressionist Frank Caliendo will bring his talents to ESPN’s seemingly endless Sunday NFL Countdown  pre-game show starting this week.

Caliendo made the announcement via Twitter. SportsBusiness Daily reports that Caliendo will appear in taped segments just like he did at Fox, where he was recently dismissed in favor of Rob Riggle. (h/t ProFootballTalk)

I’m sure Caliendo will trot out his tried and true Jim Rome and John Madden impressions, which are funny for about two minutes. (Truly, the guy is talented.) Of course, ESPN will probably devote five minutes to this inanity. Though I’m sure there will be enough time for Cris Carter to do his indignant routine and for Chris Berman to ham it up with his “ordinary Joe” shtick before Kenny Mayne bores us.

Oh, and there might be some analysis and highlights thrown in.

All pre-game shows are pretty much like this. We don’t need five analysts debating 16 games for two to three hours. They don’t need to be covered like they’re the McCarthy hearings. Give us the important news, give us the injuries, and then let us enjoy the action.

Oh, and leave the comedians at home.

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  • Brian Allen

    At least it’s not Rush Limbaugh. After that epic failure, anything else looks brilliant by comparison.