Latest Spider-man Casting Rumors Include Electro, Mary Jane Watson

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Variety is reporting that Shailene Woodley (“The Descendants”) is in talks to play Mary Jane Watson, one of the lovely ladies in Peter Parker’s life. “The Amazing Spider-Man” so far is following the comic book chronology of Peter and Gwen Stacy being an item before he and MJ. In the comics, Gwen gets killed by Spidey’s archnemesis The Green Goblin.

Speaking of Goblins, Variety says Sony has also put out a casting call for Harry Osborn. He’s Peter’s friend, oblivious to the fact that his dad is the Green Goblin. Harry becomes a Goblin as well in a misguided quest to honor his father’s “legacy.” Sony told that story in its first Spidey trilogy. Can they make it new again or is this Green Goblin just a red herring?

Another villain rumored to show in the next Spider-Man flick is Maxwell Dillon, better known as Electro. As his name suggests, he has power over electricity. He’s one of the longest running Spider-Man villains, and one of the few that’s not animal-themed.  “The Amazing Spider-Man” seemed to tease his appearance in Marvel’s patented after- credit scene.

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