Behind Doors Left Slightly Ajar: ‘Sex Diaries’ TV Show In the Works

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Coming soon to a TV near you

A TV show based on a sex column from a New York publication? Who ever heard of such a thing?

A team of TV producers is hoping to follow the script of Candace Bushnell’s column that became the Sex and the City franchise. They’re adapting “Sex Diaries,” a weekly feature on New York magazine’s website, in which readers share seven days of stories about their sex lives.

 New York magazine, naturally, broke the story, and reported that the prospective show “will be set in New York City and follow ten separate but interconnected characters.” Tom Spezialy, a Desperate Housewives veteran, is writing the pilot, for ABC Studios and Mark Gordon and Nicholas Pepper.

I’ve got a feeling this one would fit better on cable than network TV.

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