Box Office Report: “Taken 2″ Repeats as Champ

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Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, complete with snarky commentary.

1.) “Taken 2,” $22.5M. I liked it better when it was called “Commando.” And when the beloved daughter wasn’t 12 years removed from high school.

2.) “Argo,” $20.1M. Ben Affleck’s climb toward respectability continues. Good for him: Affleck was the bomb in “Phantoms,” yo!

3.) “Sinister,” $18.2M. I don’t know how things work in your home, but my wife hates horror movies. That means I will have to wait to see this when she’s away, when I’ll cram three or four ghastly titles in like 12 hours. And then I won’t be able to sleep for five days.

4..) “Hotel Transylvania,” $17.3M. Passed the $100 million mark. Check your local newspaper for parade information.

5.) “Here Comes the Boom,” $12M. One of those lovely times when the title of the movie summarizes its performance.

Source: The Internet Movie Database

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