The Golden Globes Gets a Makeover with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as Co-Hosts

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Looks like Hollywood has gotten tired of Ricky Gervais’ cheap shots and has opted for a softer, but equally hilarious team of Tina Fey and Amy Peohler. NBC’s comedic duo will co-host the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, reports HitFix.

Fey and Poehler have worked together for years, creating great comedic chemsitry that will surely enhance the Golden Globes. They’ve co-starred together in “Mean Girls” and “Baby Mama” and have worked with each other for years on Saturday Night Live. Now they both star on NBC’s hit comedies (with Fey on 30 Rock and Poehler on Parks & Recreation).

I’ve never watched this awards show before, but I might have to tune in to see what this witty pairing comes up with. The 2013 Golden Globes will air on Jan. 13.

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