New Teaser Trailer for “Carrie” Remake Debuts

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Carrie remake

You wanna see Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White in the much-anticipated remake of “Carrie”?

Well, here you go.

I have mixed feelings. Moretz is a terrific actress, but an assured and confident one. Can she summon the pained awkwardness that made Sissy Spacek’s performance so memorable, or is this going to resemble Anne Hathaway playing a nerd in “The Princess Diaries”? And I love Julianne Moore, but can she bring the glassy-eyed crazy–“The stink of the filthy roadhouse whiskey on his breath…and I liked it. I liked it!”–like Piper Laurie? Can Kimberly Peirce direct horror?

Those questions will be answered March 15th.

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