Ant-Man Movie Slated for 2015

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Disney has announced release dates for some upcoming blockbusters, including “The Avengers 2″ and “Ant-Man.”  The origin story of Marvel’s tiniest hero is on the release calendar for Nov. 6, 2015.  Should Marvel continue the shared universe teasers we’ve seen in other movies, there will likely be some Ant-Man setup in “Avengers 2.”

This has set the rumor mill churning. Which Ant-Man will Marvel use? A few men have worn the mantle in the comics. The first, Hank Pym, was a critical part of The Avengers. He’s featured in groundbreaking storylines, including a controversial one in which he struck his wife.  I’m guessing Disney-owned Marvel won’t be using that one.

Pym also created the technology that became Ultron, a sentient machine who is one of the Avengers’ toughest enemies. Introducing Pym in “Avengers 2″ could pave the way for Ultron to appear in a third film. The recent Avengers cartoon on Disney XD featured Pym, but that show is canceled. Disney is doing a new Avengers show that will more closely mirror the universe set forth in the movies. Perhaps it will offer a clue on Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man plan.


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